This is a collection of pictures I took at the Ballarat Heritage Festival 2019 titled “Heritage”. I hope you enjoy them. Namaste.

Picturesque Philippa

This is a collection of nature-themed pictures I have taken titled “Picturesque Philippa”. I hope you enjoy them. Namaste.

Lord of Britanburg

He woke up in a daze. His long, dirty hair covered his eyes. He looked around the unfamiliar surroundings. As he rose to his feet he noticed he was holding his axe. Confused, he moved the hair from his eyes. His hand was covered in blood. He was bleeding. “You fought a brave fight” a…


I’ve made it to class but honestly, my mind is somewhere else. “The” weekend is coming quickly. I can’t help but think of the days to come. I’m filled with love, excitement, fear, pure anxiety and something else I’m not even sure has a name. I hear (and smell) machines outside but if I concentrate…