Pink Moon 2020

  Pink Moon 08 April 2020   During this full moon known as the Pink Moon, I put out fresh rain water to charge with the full moons energy. This ‘Moon Water’ will be used to water my indoor plants and to clean my gemstones. Moon water, if purified, can also be used for beauty…

Profile Piece on Brooke F.

Brooke F. Born and bred in Ballarat, Victoria, Brooke F. has always had a passion to help others. At the age of sixteen, she landed a job at McDonald’s and continued to work there while also having side jobs in construction and horse handling. After working at McDonald’s for ten years, she knew she did…

Have You Seen Me?

‘Have You Seen Me?’ is my first children’s book. This will be released in July 2019. To purchase or for more information please email:  


This is a collection of pictures I took at the Ballarat Heritage Festival 2019 titled “Heritage”. I hope you enjoy them. Namaste.